Windows 10 - the end of the line?

Windows 10 is malware according to every definition. I can’t afford to compromise my friend’s and customer’s original material, if I could compress the EULA to within the attention span of gifted musicians I’m sure they would say NO NO NO to me “upgrading” to Windows 10.

I will no longer follow the forced update/upgrade path - when Windows 7/Cubase 8 Pro ceases to be supported I will clone my system and disconnect from the internet.

How about Cubase for Linux?

That’s an interesting thread MrSoundman. I’m sure there will be a growing call for alternatives to M$, especially when folks realise how controlling it has become - W10 is deleting apps it doesn’t like - CPUZ and Speccy to name two that I use. Whose computer is it anyway? :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

The apps are uninstalled and moved to Windows.old. That does not equal “deleting”. While this is a real issue, the OP is not factual. As far as Linux Cubase, my understanding is that, if man is still alive, and woman can survive, it is coming in the year 2525. Watch for Cubase 452.5, which will be a paid upgrade, to the consternation of users.

The apps can be re-installed but this M$ control-freakery is outrageous, we are being treated as children. Naughty ones at that.

You’ve also gotta ask yourself which version of Cubase will be the end of the line for all practical purposes. Which Cubase version will be the one where every new feature is put there for the sake of it?

*Disconnect the &(@# machine from the internet. Do you leave your front door open at home when you’re not in or you’re sleeping?

Why is today’s generation(s) so convinced that you have to be connected all the freaking time?

And to be perfectly clear, it were OLD versions of these tools, which used incompatibke librabries
The current versions (as in since june) work fine and were NOT moved out.
MS actually did you a favor avoiding your system to potentionally BSOD