Windows 10 Update last night, now dspmixfx UR44 ng

When I click on the UR44 icon, Windows Installer opens “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver”, which quickly runs through a couple of downloads (? the green bar meter zips from left to right so quickly I can’t see what the windows say), but then it gets stuck on “Windows Installer” “Preparing to Install…”. There’s no green meter, no obvious activity. I have waited as long as ten minutes before

The software was working fine as late as last night, after which a Windows Update was installed. I still have sound (playback from Groove Music or Firefox, for example), by the way, just no software mixer.

The same problem happens when I try to open my Cakewalk Sonar program. I don’t know if it’s because it’s somehow calling up the Steinberg software or if it is (more likely) a separate problem.

I have restarted my computer. I have updated my Avast Free antivirus. I have tried disabling the antivirus; no change. I wonder if the same thing would happen to any program that suddenly needs to re-install a driver.

I sure hope someone here has an idea.

I’m still having this problem. I really hoped someone here could help.

I have just a little more information now. When I either try to open my Sonar software or the UR44 virtual mixer, Windows Installer opens and gets stuck on “Preparing to Install…”. But if I wait an HOUR or so, it eventually fails, asking if I want to retry. When I just “cancel” instead, the program opens and works fine. But I literally have to wait an HOUR.

Why does Windows all of a sudden think it has to reinstall or update the UR44 driver, considering that after it fails, it works fine?

Did you ever get this resolved? I am now having hte exact issue you describe!


I think the new driver fixes this but even if it doesn’t you just need to reinstall it. See the sticky topic at the top of this forum.