Windows 10 updates wipes out my eLicencer

Every time Windows 10 does an update it wipes out my eLicencer information and I can’t use Cubase until I call and get a reactivation code and I don’t know why. I am using Elements and it does not say what version it is, it just says Elements on the box. Should I go back to Windows 7 or do I need to buy a dongle for it to work without calling for an activation code every time there is an update to Windows 10. Thank you I would appreciate any help.

Have you had a look at this article yet?

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I would suggest you not to go back to Windows 7 as the support for Windows 7 would end in January 2020. Instead, stay with Windows 10. Even I’ve had problems with other software I installed on Windows 10. The problem is with Windows 10 and not the software installed on it.
If you find the solution, let me know about it.

Ed doll,

Thank You for your help. The other support people had me download elements 9 over and over. I went to the link you sent me and downloaded a new version of the eLicenser, so far so good. Just waiting for the next Windows 10 update, if everything is ok I will switch to a computer with more power and memory and a bigger core processor.

Thank you again.

Thank you RuskinF,
I will stay with Windows 10 if the link Ed Doll sent me works.

Thank you for your help.

I have already updated from Windows 10 version 1909 to version 21H1 and can confirm running eLicencer Control Center as administrator did the trick after soft eLicencer appeared deactivated.