Windows 10 upgrade - ROLAND USB does not work.

Hello, this topic might have been done to death but I thought it might help people with my findings.

I’m running windows 10 pro 64 bit
Cubase 8 pro (works great so far) It does seem like cubase 8 is more designed with windows 8 in mind, so it suits W10. (works great on 7 as well)
Yamaha UR242 interface (works fine with latest drivers)
Alesis qx25 (works fine)
Roland FP5 (USB driver does not work)

So far it is all actually working fine. There were a few hickups with the Yamaha driver but that has now been updated so it works without problems. If you use Asio there are no problems with the interface despite what Steinberg says. The interface works fine.

In general my system really seemes much smoother and happier, and cubase is running well. It could be that a system reinstall is generally a good thing for optimization. But everything seems improved in general. Windows is actually a really good system. W7 is very stable and works fine, and that might be a good reason to stay with that system. But W10 is getting better and better and I’m sure that all drivers will be updated eventually. Also consider that you can rollback the upgrade to 7 if you don’t like how it is now. I say it is worth it to try.

The only thing that does not work, which has nothing to do with steinberg, is that the ROLAND USB drivers DOES NOT work with windows 10 at all. Luckily I have a midi interface via the ur242, but if you have a roland peripheral with only a USB that might be a reason NOT to upgrade yet. Roland says they are looking at it, but nothing about when they might have a solution.

I’m really happy with W10 in general.

Also noticed that Cubase does not start properly if any other media player is open at the time of starting cubase. It freezes at the hub. Did not use to be this way before.

You can deactivate the hub under preferences if you don’t need it or even delete the file “hubservice.dll” under Cubase8/components. That way you would be safe if your forget to close your media players.

To Roland users: Make sure to read: