Windows 10 Upgrade

Good morning ( afternoon, evening) everyone.

Firstly my apologies should this post be in the wrong place and secondly for asking a question that has probably been answered a million times.

I’m about to upgrade my Windows-7/64 bit to Windows 10/64bit and I’m using Cubase Pro 10.5 with the current updates installed.

My question is, can I do an “in place” upgrade leaving everything I have installed on my machine or would it be better to do a fresh “clean” install of Windows 10 then go through the laborious task of reinstalling everything…a task I do not relish as you can imagine.

I’ve been postponing it for some time but I think I now have to “bite the bullet”

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions, thoughts and warnings.



Ps; I’ll ignore anyone who says to change to an Apple!

I did the “In place” upgrade and everything went well.

These days with modern windows, in-place upgrades usually go very well, and remove the need to resintall and configure everything again.

This wasn;t the case with earlier windows versions.

Of course you will be doing a full system image backup before you start won’t you, so you can get back to where you are now if it all goes pear shaped…

If you don’t have software to do this, Look at the free Macrium bakcup. Works great. You don’t need the paid version.

Take the time to do a backup - it removes all the possibilities of pain.

I have also done an upgrade to W10 from W7 without the clean install. Everything went fine until I went to Cubase 10. If I go back to CB 9.5, things go fine.

Copy protection software usually breaks, as they often do with any major Win10 update.
But that has for me been an easy fix, running eLicenser as admin and performing a maintenance. Other copy protection software may require an reauthorize, update or reinstall.
If you run into problems, that’s where you should look first.

another tip…
download the drivers for graphics and main-board before you update and save it to an USB
just in case…
I had an update where Win10 could not find the network driver and was not able to use the graphics card as well
took hours to reconnect everything with the on-board graphics and installed the drivers from a different machine

Morning all,

Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply with so much sound advice (no pun intended!)

All things being equal I’ll do the upgrade this weekend and if per chance you see on your television news that a 60 year old Australian went mad and threw his PC out the window into the pool, it will be me.

Cheers and thanks again folks, you rock!


When I did the “in place” upgrade . . my “older” audio interface started acting buggy, after a few more Win 10 updates it became clear I needed to go to my local music store any buy a new audio interface . . . hopefully this is not thew case for you ?

I also delayed moving to 10 until just before MS dropped support. Did an in-place without any issues.

Of course you’ll do a Windows backup of everything before anything else, right? :wink:

I had a pretty miserable experience, everything Sent really well just up to the last minute when a pop box informed me that it was unable to complete, due to a microsoft error number xxxx, can’t remember the exact number, spent some hours trawling the sites for an answer but it was all pretty vague info ,

I tried again after creating a dual boot partition and had the same error doing a fresh install.on to a turned out to be the sonic core/ scope dsp audio which didn’t like the Windows 7 drivers, I had to purchase the update Windows 10 for the audio system which I’m as it had lots of new synth and mastering tools included so I didn’t mind that at all, it’s and has been has been super stable ever since,

I also.updated the elicencer before hand as well. Then copied the whole partition over and uninstalled the win 10 update on that drive so now I have a dual boot win7 &10 which has proved to be really useful and it saved hours and hours of reinstall.

I did it the other day. After running the upgrade I needed to do maintenance on the soft e-Licenser and also had to reinstall the drivers for my interface (UR824), Everything else with Cubase was fine.

… while singing Waltzing Matilda? :laughing:

Yep, while singing Waltzing Matilda and having a beer LOL

Well folks I did the upgrade over the weekend and all went well…more or less. After the upgrade was finished I then upgraded to Cubase 11 and that went well…more or less.

There were no issues with Cubase at all, it went brilliantly, the “more or less” was relating to some of the VST’s getting lost and needing to find their libraries again, nothing major really.

So I thank you all :smiley: for your input as I felt a lot less worried when I took the plunge into Windows 10.


Steve. :sunglasses: