windows 10 ver 1903 unstable (official)

hi guys !
just wanted to share this
I have had some crazy update schedules lately, been driving me nuts
so I got in touch with MS… they told me the verion 1903 is not good and causing crashing
1909 will be out next week …

There’s patches to each version, so even if you’re on version 1903 make sure you’re on the latest build which ends .388. Stating version 1903 is not enough as you could be on any build since May.

Microsoft themselves would never say its unsuitable as they recently declared v1903 safe for businesses in the last builds, did you telephone them? Be careful it wasn’t a scammer giving you such information if they’ve contacted you.

I had to uninstall 4 recently updated Win 10 additions. Nothing worked right.
Cubase, Photoshop, Video Editing, even VLC got slapped… Crazy times. lol

Every windows 10 update has been rock solid for me and Cubase 10 has always been rock solid too, so no problems here!

Kind regards

James Colah

1903 (18362.356)
Stable as rock for me
Cubase works flawlessly

Hi All !
just to clarify !!!
I have the latest build (this is why I posted that the updates are driving me nuts)
it was MS support that I spoke to online (I have a paid support accout … well at least I did was never renewed but still working )
and yes its stable for me also … I just wanted to share the reason why we are getting hit with updates from MS…
nothing more nothing less…
I don’t know about you but these updates take over my system and interfere with my work …
slow Cubase , wiered gui glitches etc …. all down to windows forcing an update although I have options turned off …
was just a heads up guys
cheers .

Tony you can suspend any updating if you have Windows Pro. You can also prevent Windows from updating when you are working on a project. Its funny support didn’t tell you that.

HI !
YEP ! I could but for some reason windows was overriding my don’t update settings… like I said I was annoyed at this so I called in support !
I am normally ok with windows probs but this I could not find an answer … I still don’t know why it happened… but in the end its my fault for not doing my housekeeping …
one sure fire failsafe is to pull out my cat cable whilst I am working…