Windows 10 vs Windows 7

I am getting a new computer.I’ve been using Windows 10 and i don’t feel that things are working as smoothly as they were in Windows 7 and am thinking of going back to Windows 7.

Is it just me or are there others who feel that windows 7 is a better platform? Possibly I’ve got some other issue.

Do you mean you’ve been using W10 and Nuendo together? If so, how do you feel it’s less smooth? And if not, is there anything in particular anyone can check for you?

I’m having more issues with crashes, playback skips more. File management is a little wonkey.

I might suggest that the fact that you are getting a new computer might solve all your problems using Win10 and N7. I have zero problems running them together.

Install both and a use a boot manager. You can then compare easily

Would make sense if he could get both included for free, which I doubt any PC seller offers. I’d go with Windows 10 despite the current bugs which hopefully will get fixed soon.

If you rescind your code for your original machine once you’re done with it you could transfer it to your new machine.