Windows 10 Wavelab 8.5 Crash in Montage Playback

Sometimes, if there are plug-ins in the Master Section chain, and it’s Active, playback of a Montage may crash Wavelab 8.5. This is on Windows 10 with Windows 10 Wavelab Startup patch installed for 8.5. All 64-Bit , including plugins. If I remove the plugins and disable the Master Section, playback doesn’t seem to ever crash Wavelab. I wish I could reliably recreate this issue every time, but I wanted to post here in case I’m not the only one with this crash.

System is:
Intel Core i7-3770K on an Intel MB w/ 16GB RAM w/Windows 10.0.10586


If I remove the plugins and disable the Master Section,

What plugins is in use ?
and disable Master Section isn’t necessary or !?

regards S-EH

I am running 8.5.3 on a Windows 7 machine and nothing but crashes. Just simply playing back a file causes WL to crash. No plugins just a simple playback. It starts to jitter and jump and…crashes.

I am still using WL6 for most things because I am afraid of the crashes in 8.5.3. I hope Version 9 works better.

Always hopeful.

The only time this happens for me is when one of two plugs are in use. I suspect that this is the root of your issue.

The most recent and likely suspect in my system is the new DMG Limitless. Adjusting parameters during playback causes crash 90% of the time. I am certain this is a plugin issue (even though I have the utmost respect for Dave Gamble).

I only regularly use like three plugins and they all seem to play very well with the current WL version on Windoze 7.