Windows 10 with my x79 setup?

Hey all,

After doing some research, I can’t justify upgrading to Skylake, Kabylake, etc. All the current 6 cores are not that much better than my 3930k, and apparently a 8-10 core isn’t going to give me more kontakt voices or FX plugins (so they say, just like they used to all say having a your OS and DAW on a SSD doesn’t drastically improve performance). I’d have to spend around 3k to go all out for a new DDR4 rig, with 64gb, another cpu and motherboard. Just not worth it right now, so I’m stuck with this setup for another couple years or so.

Anyway my CPU never goes above 50-60%, usually DAW and Vienna are the bottleneck. Here are my current specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate
Cubase 8 Pro
x79 UD5 GA
DDR3 1600mz 64gb
5 samsung pro SSDs 500g
RME Hammerfall 9632
Vienna Ensemble 5
LSI 9211-8i SAS SATA 8-port PCI-E 6Gb/s Controller Card (to bypass SATA 2 ports)

Windows 7 is rock solid, but I don’t like the performance of Cubase and Vienna that much. V Ensemble gets glitchy and slow once sessions grow, I’m hoping V6 solves this.

Another concern is Vienna ensemble 6 on Windows 7 vs 10. Please let me know your thoughts!


I’d like to add that my LSI adapter was a useless upgrade, because most my SSDs are getting SATA 2 speeds. So a new motherboard would be nice :neutral_face:. Anywhere from 20-60k for IOPs, and those writes are ridiculous