Windows 11 announced -- Does Cubase work on it?

are you saying cubase will not work on windows 11

Running pre-releases or new releases of software depends a lot on one’s own individual priorities and working style and how much empathy and formal and informal support one expects.

When you adopt early with pre-releases or even with early “stable” releases and you encounter an issue, formal support and even most informal community helpers will shrug - and only a small number of fellow early adopters will even pay any attention to your potential cries for help.

If you prefer things to “just work” and/or you count on formal or informal support, stay with officially “supported” combinations of software.

That being said, it might be nice, if there was a place online where early adopters could exchange observations and informal support amongst themselves.

I have no idea if Steinberg would want to host such a place (e.g. a different specialized sub-forum - except in this case it wouldn’t be for unsupported legacy software, but for unsupported “early adopter” software combinations.

Maybe the moderators participating in this thread (@steve or @Maestro) have any additional insight on the potential of such a sub-forum here?

Otherwise it might be easy enough to create one or more reddit subs or Discord servers (or similar) for similarly inclined early adopter individuals.

But I would definitely prefer, if non-supported platform discussions were in a different place than supported platform conversations.

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I totally agree, and it was for that reason I moved it to the Lounge. I don’t see SB ever adding such a forum category.


Any performance differences you’ve noticed?

Honestly, it’s not on my main rig. It’s on my laptop, so I haven’t been able to try with a big template or anything. However, no problems yet. My trial of DP11 crashed 3 times just trying to get things set up though. Grass is always greener, right? Cubase is a solid program.

Hi There,
I’m in Cubase 11 Pro and Windows 11 (dev build)
I’m running a project with plugins on the inserts disabled(not bypassed) and no VSTs, essentially, only there is nothing active, hence why inside Cubase the performance manager is minimal. But in Task Manager, oh boy, it’s at a constant 70-80%
Bear in mind, I’m running a 6core Ryzen.

And please, don’t bore me with HyperThreading, Cubase is not doing anything but the consumption in Windows is through the roof, that is the problem.

Cubase doesn’t support Windows 11

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Welcome to the forum. We’ll try our best…

I’ll merge it with the other thread about Windows 11

Don’t undermine what I said, you know exactly what I mean with that statement, taking it out of context in this manner is pathetic and childish, don’t be like that.

For those that didn’t understand, I’ll state it in another way:
The bog-standard answer of “Cubase isn’t very good with hyper-threading technology” it’s just dumb and unfounded, lot’s of DAWs do without any issues, we had this technology for multiple cycles and this should’ve been addressed, we all pay exorbitant amounts of money for a license, we deserve to have a product that works, we paid for it.

YES, there are hurdles, YES, it is not easy, but it’s the industry standard, and if Cubase is to get an industry-wide adoption above ProTools then these things need to be addressed. Simple as that.

Sorry, when did consumers started settling for a “shrug” from a developer/company?
Why are you being so complacent with PROFESSIONAL software?
Can you imagine if you bought some studio monitors that won’t turn on because of how advanced the power/electricity system is in your house? That is ridiculous.
And Yes, if you DON’T complain, DEVELOPERS WON’T FIX IT, mate!

Besides, Yes, Win11 is at early build stage. But this is happening in a couple of months guys!! I can’t possibly think, that the developers of Cubase are not running Windows 11 to address some of the issues early on to insure these apps run smoothly once the update rolls out, it is where we are going, might as well ensure our customers are happy.
Cubase is becoming so complacent it’s scary, it feels like this is going to be ProTools all over again. They haven’t even announced(or at least I haven’t found) a statement on whether they are going to be supporting M1s natively or intend to always run through Rosetta, because if they do, guess what guys? We will be in a terrible situation, because Apple will eventually drop support for Rosetta, once there is enough adoption from companies that makes it a sensible economical decision to move forward with development, strictly on ARM. It’s already imbued in the code, google it!

And to be honest, is not vastly different to Windows 10, this isn’t Windows 7 to windows 10 or XP to Vista. This is effectively a re-skin and change of prioritization on the OS, Steinberg needs to address these things to ensure their clients experience no downtime, there are plenty of people in hollywood giving them enough money, just as much as we do, that will experience extreme financial issues, if all of the sudden, things don’t work as intended.

@steve I don’t agree with moving topics related to Win11 to a specific page, maybe copy it for developers to see, but when you move it out of where it’s “supposed to be” you will decrease awareness and make it less known that it doesn’t run as intended, making some consumers do the upgrade thinking that things are indeed, running smoothly.

Are you sure that you understand what we are trying to say?
Cubase is not compatibel to Windows 11 right now…

and it is not intended to run on Win11 at the moment

No it’s a bit more… new TPM modules are needed, some hardware specs were changed and some internal things are changing as well…

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If you’re going to run programs on unsupported platforms, you have to take responsibility for any resulting problems. That’s what grownups do. As was stated above, if you want things to “just work,” use full-fledged Windows 10 for the time being, just like everybody else.

I hope you understand, Windows 11 isn’t supported yet, and the developers of Cubase, Nuendo, Dorico, Wavelab and the other products made by Steinberg will evaluate how to support the new system, and they’ll make an announcement about it when they are doing it, as they have in the past.

So there’s no danger of consumers upgrading or updating to such an unsupported-as-yet OS.

You’re perfectly welcome to discuss, but for the time being, this is the place to discuss it.

Thanks for reading!

Ridiculous is that someone would purchase studio monitors without doing enough research to determine they are not compatible with the electrical system.

The only one coming across as childish in this thread is you.

Yes IT IS! If it wasn’t there would be a compatibility mode to run the apps, and there isn’t!
And it does run as intended for the most part, just because it has a couple of problems doesn’t mean it’s incompatible it means it needs fixing!
You would be correct to say “It’s not supported” but still the problem would be that there is no reasonable excuse for it not to be supported, the OS is coming anyways, if Steinberg wasn’t so focused on developing a DRM system for Cubase and instead work on these issues, it would be great. Besides, the OS is coming anyways, and you will get it if you run a Windows machine, you’re missing the point that the sooner they address it, the better is going to be for everyone!

Really, how come? Not that I would bother with your answer to be honest, you fail to realise the issue and just choose to side with someone because…? Anyways, the point is clear it is childish to take it out of context, if you don’t agree, keep it to yourself, I don’t want to know. Spare me the time and lecture, cheers.

You do seem to be sure that others want to know about your puerile, hysterical bursts…