Windows 11 - Constant Audio Drop outs

Hi everyone - I have been using a Windows 10 - 7th Gen i7 with a Motu Audio Express for several years with cubase elements 10.5 and 11 for several years now without issue.

I recently upgraded to the following set up

AMD Ryzen 5600g - 6 cores - 12 threads
MSI x470 gaming plus max motherboard
32gb DDR RAM

My issue is I am getting regularly total audio drop outs on a track that opened and played rock solid on the old hardware.

I have tried disabling multi processing, disabling uefi , activated steinberg audio power scheme - ive even frozen channels and instruments to reduce load and the problem persists.

I have also changed the windows 11 power settings to high performance and have done the same for gfx card.

I am out of options as I now have a high powered but useless PC (for cubase anyway)

Can anyone please help - I even went out and bought the Motu m4 thinking it may just be the bottleneck of the audio express…but the problem persists regardless of audio device used.

I don’t think it is win 11 as I run on win 11 with a i9 9900 processor and it’s running fine. These days I make sure I buy a computer that is designed to work with audio well.

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Surely the hardware cant be the issue? Ive gone for the best spec I could afford.

Any suggestions?

@kegzi_mc Have you tried running LatencyMon?

Hardware should be no issue.
I have a Ryzen 7 5700G on Win11.

Make sure the drivers are really up-to-date.

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Just to let everyone know after much messing around (including driver updates and a full bios flash) …all to no avail…

The issue turned out to be Isotope Ozone VSTi making license calls home and failing - i reinstalled and re authorsied it and everything is now rock solid.


OK, That’s good to know, there were several users with similar problems… so one more thing to look at…

Precisely…at least it will be known that this Vsti can cause this type of issue in certain scenarios…