Windows 11 Cubase 13 crashes with EXT hardware UR or AXR interface

@Martin.Jirsak I had to use my 7950xmachine today to work on a project with BFD drums which is still not AS VST3.

I’m still getting crashes.

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.25 (3.2 MB)

Cubase has to be force quit from Task manager afterwards.

edit: if i use the generic windows ASIO driverand NOT a Steinberg device it doesn’t crash!! why does the UR22-c and my AXR4 crash Cubase?


OK,after having a ‘hunch’ about what could be causing this …

I removed my dongles that still have various ( quite a lot) of steinberg licenses and it’s stopped crashing.

I neededto have my licenses as I still have stuff like my old Spectralayers pro , I upgraded to 11 today.

What happens to all the things i have on that license, and why is it causing crashes?


spoke too soon.

Just crashed again with no dongles attached…

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.25 (646.6 KB)

It’scrashed with the UR22-c extensions?

and another :frowning: I removedand reinstalled the UR22 extensions/tools but still crashing…

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.25 (3.4 MB)

OK . I’ve reinstalled windows 11 this morning since the last post.

I’ve removed anything to do with the UR 22-c in case that was conflicting.

I’ve just opened up a project and chose the ‘default’ preferences and it’s crashed again.

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.26 (524.1 KB)

@Martin.Jirsak any more info to shed on this please?


Ok I’ve just installed my RME RAYDAT and set up thge same ext FX and no problem at all.

Anyone else care to confirm this is only an issue with Steinberg/Yamaha devices? It’s very frustrating having an expensive interface and it crashing the DAW

edit: I’ve also set up the same ext FX with the AXR4 in Studio One(Pipeline) and Reaper(Reainsert) and had no problems.



I added this to the other report. I’m waiting for the analysis.


All of it points to the fact, there is a problem with the extensions.

Cubase (and Nuendo) is the only DAW using the extension. And the extension works for Steinberg audio devices. The goal is to get more UR/AXR features directly into Cubase (Nuendo).

I believe, the crash would stop, if you would remove the extension component from Cubase folder. You would loose the special functions, but it wouldn’t crash.

Yes, I’ve done that and it has stopped the crashing. It has though as you say, stopped the integration with cubase though which is the reason for buying it !

I removed the extension from the programs/common files/steinberg folder NOT the Cubase folder. Are there more than one?


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You did it right.