WIndows 11 doesn't detect UR44C

I posted a question yesterday about my UR44C not being recognized by Windows 11 and no one responded. I cannot find a real support contact for anyone to help? Don’t they have any real support?

Sure they do. But you have to contact them. This is only the forum.

Go to the support page, and you can call, chat or open a ticket.

I just installed a new drive and installed Windows 11 and no matter what I do, Windows does not detect the UR44C. I downloaded and installed TOOLS_for_URC_V201_Win. Then I noticed that it installed a 32 bit driver. SO, I downloaded and installed 2.1.3, which says is a 64 bit driver for WIndows 10 and 11. I install it and it shows up as a 32 bit driver. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Yes it is plugged in. Nothing has changed, connection-wise, in the computer.

If you read carefully you will observe that the USB driver v. 2.1.3 is included in tools for UR-C v. 2.0.1.


Can you open dspMixFX?

Please disregard. I am an idiot. When I pulled out my computer to open the case to change the hard drive, guess which usb cable pulled out of the back. I am good to go.