Windows 11 Update 22621.2215

Cubase Pro 12 (latest version) worked flawlessly the morning of August 22nd. When i was done with my session I installed the newest Windows Update 22621.2215 (the latest build available). The next day i opened the same session and Cubase was lagging, stuttering, glitching out (EXTREMELY loud noise on a track), freezing, etc. Just a hot mess.

Ive checked USB power, power scheme, hard drives, i uninstalled the update, i reinstalled Cubase, i defraged and optimized all hard drives, i created a new version of the project on a brand new SSD, i updated everything including my AMD Chipset, i ran offline and complete virus scans across all hard drives, i went through every device to update drivers, i turned off the stupid economic power garbage windows is forcing on everyone (see task manager) that apparently is via Chrome, but effects Cubase (odd!), on and on. 8 hours of reading/trouble shooting. Nothing.
I tried multiple ASIO drivers, i spent 2 hours playing with settings/changing everything to default in Cubase… nothing. I ran a stress test/test of RAM.

The project file is actually one of the less intensive, too.

Is anyone else having these problems? If so, have you found a fix/why this is happening?

FWIW, I’m running Cubase 12.0.70 on the latest Windows 11 Update, and it works flawlessly, but that doesn’t mean that this Windows Update didn’t break something specific to your machine.

If you roll it back, you should be able to figure out whether this update broke things, or something else - but you might not be able to, given that Windows 11 only allows you to roll back some updates. Good luck!

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I’ve just been through a similar experience.

Although I have a couple of uncertainties, I’ve tried to document below (to the best of my recollection what got my system back to normal).

TLDR: Maybe the audio interface hardware and Windows needed a reboot (maybe even twice)?

More detailed sequence of events:

AMD AM5 - Ryzen 9, 7900x
builtin GPU - with latest AMD video drivers
ASUS Prime X670E-PRO WIFI (BIOS 1616)
Win10 22H2 OS Build 19045.3208)

RME Digiface USB

Cubase 12.0.70

  • I got regular audio dropouts even while playing YouTube videos.
  • In Cubase, I got an audio dropout every 80 seconds
    • approx 1 second long
    • plus some longer one’s a little less often (not sure what the pattern was)
    • the time between dropouts did NOT seem to relate to audio buffer size or Cubase ASIO guard settings
  • Cubase ASIO performance monitor did NOT show any spikes
  • Windows Task Mgr. Performance meter did NOT show any spikes
  • LatencyMon (current version) did NOT show any spikes (running clean the entire time)

Then I uninstalled the AMD video drivers.

Things got lot worse!

  • Cubase ASIO performance monitor now spiking like crazy (but still not apparently impacted when changing buffer sizes or ASIO guard settings)
  • Windows Task Mgr. Performance meter still did NOT show any spikes
  • LatencyMon (current version) still did NOT show any spikes (running clean the entire time)

Then I unplugged and re-plugged my audio interface (since it’s USB powered, that was also a reboot of the audio interface). - That in itself didn’t seem to make a change. But I’m not sure anymore, if I had rebooted Windows after rebooting the audio interface.

But then I also rebooted the computer and also upgraded Microsoft PowerToys at the same time.

After the reboot (and PowerToys upgrade) Cubase seems to be working perfect again. And YouTube videos also no longer seem to have dropouts.

So in my setup, it seems that one or all of the following actions fixed things:

  • Reboot audio device hardware and reboot Windows
  • Update PowerToys

I currently doubt that the removal of the AMD video drivers was necessary, also since removing them changed the problem from bad to worse.

I’d be somewhat surprised, if PowerToys was the problem, because the release notes for the new version don’t seem to give a hint of anything that might be related.

So my strongest current suspicion is that I needed to reboot the Audio Interface AND my Windows machine (once or twice?) for things to return to normal. But some uncertainty lingers …

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