Windows 21H1

Anyone updated their W10 to 21H1 yet? Any issues? Steinberg compatibility chart only shows 20H2 for cubase v10.0; 10.5 and 11.0.

works for me

Tried it on my backup PC and it seems ok. I haven’t had courage to put it on my main one yet though.

Have tried it on one PC, seems to be OK so far, however I can’t see anything of any real interest in 21H1, so you won’t be missing out on anything if you decide to wait until it’s on the official list of supported OSes.
As always, make an image backup of your C: drive before updating and you can’t go wrong!

No issues.

Windows 11 soon :wink:

No issues regarding Cubase 11 or any audio hardware drivers. It has messed up my Taskbar however. I have to have ‘News and Interests’ enabled. If I don’t I lose all the icons on the right side of the bar. It is a known issueand I am awaiting a fix.

Mine recently did this update and I haven’t seen any issues yet.

Can you even turn these updates off? I thought it was ‘mandatory’ with Win10.

Thanks for all your replies. Good to know that there appear to be no crippling issues. Just to be on the safe side I will hold off until Steinberg give the ok.
Kearley - the update is optional on all my PCs.

None of mine do the big upgrades. They just keep offering them in update manager. My main PC isn’t on 20H2 yet but I do get security and other standard updates. I had to click on the 21H1 to get my backup pc to update to it.