Windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit

I have Installed Cubase AI LE Elements 7 on my windows 32 bit pc and lately I also installed HALion 5 but didn’t check the requirement of minimum RAM requirement of 4 GB.
I would like to install 64 bit windows to increase my RAM.

Now, if I transfer my elements license from hard disk to USB elicensor which already has the Halion 5 license, can I activate these both licenses after reinstalling them on a 64bit?

Secondly, with a USB elicensor, how many pcs can I install my softwares and use with my same USB elicensor? ( I will be relocating in 6-8months time so may not carry my current desktop)

With a USB eLicenser you don´t need to re-activate anything, just plug in the USB key that´s it

Officially it´s 3 computers in your possession.

Officially it´s 3 computers in your possession.[/quote]

Thank you thinking cap.

3 computers in my possession… Does this mean 3 computers at a time?

Sorry if I’m being a pain… Cos I’m planning to reinstall my softwares on 64 bit now and then once I relocate I will need to have my softwares in my new place possibly on a new PC … Now will this mean 3 computers?


Thank you.