Windows 7 & 4LE

I’ve 2 LE4 discs due to OEM bundling. One is installed on an older HP laptop using Vista and works fine (though the system locks up often independent of Cubase…).

I’ve a newer Sony Viao using Windows 7 and Cubase LE4 appears to be installed correctly --with updates-- but it won’t open. I get a “Cubase has stopped working” error message followed by “Windows is looking for a solution…”

Any thoughts?

It probably can’t find the App Data folder containing Prefs as the paths are different from Xp to Vista/W7. There’s a Vista/W7 installer for C4 on Steiny’s FTP site but don’t know if it will work for LE4. One option would be to contact the vendor of the hardware LE4 came bundled with and ask for a copy of LE5.

Thanks for prompt reply. I’ll give it a go as well as contact the OEM vendor (Samson). In the meantime, what are the odds Steinberg would swap TWO whole, basically new Cubase LE4’s (discs, docs, etc.) for merely ONE 5?? How can they walk away from such an incredible offer??


Steinberg does not sell or service Cubase LE/AI but license them to other companies on an OEM basis and thus any problems and service has to be handled by the company that actually sold you the product, in this case Samson.

In other words Cubase LE/AI is not a product but a service Steinberg sell to Samson.

See :

for a definition of OEM