Windows 7 64-bit installation

Has anyone actually managed to install Cubase 6.5 64-bit onto a WIndows 7 64-bit machine successfully? My installation just hangs for ever not doing anything - in Setup.
Regards, Richard.

Cubase 6.5 64 bits version works without any problems on my Windows 7 64 bits, except that on my computer (Windows 7 64bits, Intel 2500k, 16 Go RAM, 2 x SSD HD, 1 x Velociraptor 10000 RPM HD), it asks much more to the processor than the Cubase 32 bits version.
Maybe because of the “old” WAVES MERCURY 32 bits plugins bundle, which VSTbridge doesn’t treat really well. JBridge VST doesn’t change the problem that much.

Actually my Cubase 32 bits version works better than the 64 bits version, and that’s the one I use, despite of the RAM limitation (3 Go instead of 16 Go) : 45 tracks reached with WAVES, IZOTOPE, SONNOX and MELDA PRODUCTION plugins all over the place…).

I just went to Cubase 7, and even if it didn’t changes the things for the processor, it was worth it. Owning ProTools 10 as well, I can say that it is now far, far away behind from Cubase (if you own at least 2 x 21" monitors or a very accurate vision, with brand new eyes!)


It works for me as well. I’ve upgraded from Artist 6 to Artist 6.5 and now to Artist 7. All worked smoothly.