Windows 7 and CD grabbing

I’ve tried everything I know of anyway. I downloaded and saved both Wavelab 6.0.1 and the Wavelab Aspi fix. I’ve known about the issue of needing the fix on my XP computer. Now I have Windows 7, and so I installed 6.0.1. It didn’t grab the CD to burn. It just quickly finished and that was it. So I installed the fix, and no change. So on this forum I printed the Aspi text form. I’ve done all of the things mentioned on that help sheet, even the last one changing the driveLetter=1, getting permissions to change the Aspi.ini file. I tried also running this under Windows XP service back 3 compatibility change, but no help.

There is a point where I can get it to not recognize any drive, but most of the time I spent my time with a blank CD-r waiting for the program to write to it, and it never did.

What am I doing wrong?

Hah! Got the answer from Rick Schweitzer off this site… Thanks! Your a genius.