windows 7 crackling sound


im fairly sure this will have been covered before so if someone could point me to the thread that would be great.

recently upgraded to Win 7 64 bit and when using Digitech RP500 aa sound card with Artist 6 i get the most horrendous crackling sound when the computer does anything at all. all drivers up to date.

system is AMD dual core with 4gb ram

onboard sound is working fine but is completely useless for anything more taxing than youtube videos

any help would be appreciated



ps have disabled audio enhancements already, no difference

Increase buffer? What’s the latency set for? Correct ASIO driver selected?

Hi Nate

Thanks for replying

Yes, correct driver selected, have tried all latency settings with no difference. How do you change buffer settings? Their is a lot of stuff on Internet about this problem with Win 7 but none of the advice so far has worked. Just wondered if the people here had a solution.

Didnt do it on Win XP

Buffer settings are where you set your soundcard but one level down (you’ll see when you get there.) As this is a new install I must ask if you have ticked the Steinberg Audio Power option, which defaults to off. It is a major contribution to smooth running.

For me I had to turn off the Aero on win 7 and all the crackling stopped.

Yup, I finally recorded audio last night and did get the crackling sound too. I also got an annoying, drastic panning on one audio track when I exported it. It didn’t show up on the original recording but only on the mix down/export! DOH!! :angry: sigh


Yes have ticked the steinberg power option.

Have also installed every update for win 7, reinstalled all drivers, cancelled audio enhancements, disabled the onboard sound card, re-enabled it, disabled network card and wireless card, disabled Aero, downloaded the latest drivers for everything on the laptop, changed alll the leads, tried every USB port, changed to Guitarport (exactly the same) and still I get hugely distorted sound from the computer when playing back or recording sounds in Reason or Cubase when using external card, onboard card works a treat. It also crackles when the computer does anything at all. Im sitting looking at £500 worth of software that I cant get to work and getting fed up. Has anyone come across this?