Windows 7 'Display driver stopped working and has recovered'

Can I use Cubase 6 with XP at all? Has anybody given up on Windows 7 because of this “Display driver stopped working…” problem that is frustrating so many people with video cards? I am about to revert back to XP because my brand-new PC keeps shutting down after login. I suppose most Cubase users may not run video cards and have no knowledge of this problem. You can read solution suggestions for hours on the internet - just type “Display driver stopped working and has recovered”. None of the suggestions have had success - maybe for a couple of days tops. Therefore, Windows 7 and it’s unsolvable TDR problem has to be abandoned by me now, before insanity sets in - and with it, my new Cubase 6, I guess? So, I am not looking for any of the already suggested 1000 useless tips to beat Win7’s faulty script with driver sweapers, endless driver updates or roll-backs and even hardware changes. But, what have you done with Cubase? Back to Cubase 5? My main reason for getting a new PC and Windows 7 was because I wanted Cubase 6. Much obliged.

Everybody uses video cards, be it built in to the motherboard or as an add on!

The problem would seem to be with your system and not with Cubase.

As a side note, yes Cubase 6 can run under XP, do a search of the forum to find out how.

The error message you are receiving indicates a hard ware issue. Though it might be a symptom of a bad driver install, I asume you already tried to reinstall the latest drivers for your video card.
Bottom line, this is not a problem with cubase.
Good luck in resolving this issue,

Thank you guys for your replies! I am so relieved to hear that Cubase 6 can be run on XP! Yes the display driver error eventually leads to the conclusion that hardware is as fault, which has prompted most people to return their video cards or to spent money on extra fans after careful monitoring of heat level changes, or to buy new RAM. Expensive and bizarre hardware changes have been conducted by some. After it was suggested that power fluctuation may be the problem, one user even considered upgrading his massive 850W PSU to 1200W. The Nvidia community is outraged and blames it on the latest drivers - anything from onwards. But as trusted old drivers (like 275.33) also cannot cope with Win 7’s TDR system - this is barking up the wrong tree. And the ATI community is not better off either, I believe. Because this Win 7 error (and Vista also) manifests itself eratically in different systems, can be abated for a couple of days by tweaking things here and there (reloading the OS new for example, which took me 7 hours with all the other stuff) nobody knows the exact cause, and everybody contributes different “solutions”. So, if you ever develop this error yourself, do not spent money on hardware (unless you can actually see bits broken off :smiley: ). Your screen will go black for two seconds, then recover with the error message. This will repeat until your PC shows the blue error screen and reboots. Some get this error when playing games, watching videos, browsing the internet etc… I now get this error after login, rendering my PC useless. I know it is not Cubase. Thanks again!

Well, personally I regard Win7 as the most stable OS has ever assembled. I have several machines running it (including my main DAW) and it’s pretty solid. But problems can occur. I am also running an Nvidia card, with 280.26 drivers. I did have a few minor issues, and traced it to my NIC sharing the same IRQ with my graphics card. If I disabled the NIC, no problems at all. I solved the issue by popping the NIC into a different PCI slot. You might want to check what is sharing your graphics card resources, and if it’s something like your NIC or sound card, try disabling them first, or just swap PCI slots. Also, note that C6 is designed for Win7, so switching to XP my buy you a new set of problems. You didn’t mention what kind of hardware you’re using, but I assume it is relatively current with plenty of RAM. :unamused:

I have a Nvidia Geforce 405 card that was causing a lot of problems (18 ms latency) until i downloaded the new driver 285.62, no more problems for now. What chipset do you have? You’ve probably already checked this out, but some have integrated graphics – H67 is one.

No other problems with Win7 64 and Cubase 6. Good luck!

Thanks! I had to disable my GTX-560 and ran onboard graphis instead, or PC would shut down with “Display driver stopped…” straight after login. Tried various drivers, including the latest one, which you are using. I am back on that driver now. Nvidia closed one forum for this issue a few days ago after 739 disgruntled user comments, blaming Nvidia for this Win 7 problem. I have set my Advanced System Settings for Visual Effects to “For best performance” instead of “Let Windows choose how best to shut down your PC” - works for the moment. I am not in the mood to change back to XP, and with it all those drivers for the accumulated gadgets. That’s like moving house. Anyway, I thank the respondents for their empathy and for giving me the tip that Cubase 6 can run on XP, should everything fall apart again.