Windows 7 i5

Hi guys … I’m thinkibg about reviving an older computer with a i5 4460 Haswell 3.2 hz processor running Windows 7 pro. Currently 8g ram but could go 16…

Will this machine cut it for Cubase 9 pro or am I wasting my time .


It will run Cubase 9, yes, but how it will perform depends rather on what sort of recordings you’re going to be making. Lots of Audio tracks, lots of VSTis? Both?

The system reqirements can easily to be found on the net.

I run cubase on a P5Q Q9550 @ 3.6 GHZ OC (8 years older). But improvements have gone in little steps since then (except for more cores then 4) So yours will be fine too and 8gb is plenty, unless you are a heavy Kontakt user with big templates.
If you over clock it a little to 3.6 a 4ghz it will be even faster. But depending on your work you might not need that. Good audio card with good drivers will make a difference too (I use RME)

Oh sorry you can’t really OC this CPU. Mayby to 3.5 but that is not worth it. You can run it permanently at turbo at 3.4.

Thanks for the insight … I know there is a tecommded minimum system information etc … however I was also keen to hear from user feedback before I buy.

Will be doing mainly live instrument recording . ( band stuff) Was thinking I’d spend some time to learn the software then upgrade computer in a 2 years time. If I can get my hands on windows 8.1 maybe I’ll run that . I heard not to put W10 on it

No stick to 7! And if it works, stick to it.

The advice not to use Windows 10 is dubious to say the least, particularly if you’re buying a new PC.
Those who advise against it in general upgraded to it on an existing older PC. Your current PC with Windows 7 Pro, however, I agree there’s no reason to upgrade on that PC.

I use Cubase on three PCs, two Windows 10 and one Windows 7 with no differences in stability with Cubase…all excellent. I do not remember the last time I had a crash (Cubase 8 I think).

Additionally, if you do go for a Windows 7 PC you will be locking yourself in to an OS which will become unsupported earlier. I don’t know when Steinberg will drop Windows 7 as a supported OS but bear in mind that Halion 6 when first released last year did not support Windows 7 so they’re already thinking of dropping Windows 7 at some level.

He is using an older PC with win7 already on it. I just advised not to upgrade to 8. Agreed on a new PC I would always start with 10 and if there are specific issues maybe downgrade to 7.

Quite agree not to touch 8 or otherwise upgrade the existing Win 7 Pro.
I was going to say I’ll edit my post to make this clearer but that may only confuse things further so I’ll just say here:

  1. Leave existing PC at Windows 7, don’t upgrade.
  2. If getting a new PC go for Windows 10. :slight_smile:

Mine has that spec’ and works a treat.