Windows 7 installations - HELP in Berlin, Germany

i need help to setup my new music laptop with windows 7 64bit and several programs; cubase 6, waves plugins, etc.

i prefer to do this in person, i am ready to pay or land equipment, or any other support,
i have many years of experience in techno, trance, house production and releasing music.

if you can help me, please contact.

i live in kreuzberg berlin.

thank you

Can anyone suggest - where I can post this kind of a message and get a response?


Just install the programs, it’s not rocket science.

Installing W7, it’s best to use a 3rd party app to create the OS partition so W7 doesn’t make second partition for the install data. Follow the recommended order (can be found at MS) to install the needed drivers, chipset, video, sound, etc… and then install the apps.

mashedmitten, do you live in berlin? can you answer my second post? - can you help me?

can anyone here simply help with what - I - need?

instead of just shooting words.

If you can’t find a person in Berlin, then get back to the forum here and ask all you can :slight_smile: There is many clever hardware DAW people here, that can help out with installation of windows7 + optimization of win7 + audio software installation :slight_smile:

But of cause, if you don’t have a clue on what to do, and how to install the software, I guess you’re right about having a person next to you to help out :slight_smile:

All the best,