Windows 7 Laptop or MacBook Pro?

Hi all,

I’m currently using Cubase 6 on a Windows 7 PC in my studio and am looking for something to be able to work while on the road as well. Now obviously the question then arises if I should either buy a Windows 7 laptop or a MacBook Pro.

You might think a Windows 7 laptop is the way to go in order to have maximum compatibility with the studio DAW, which runs Windows 7 as well. However, these MacBook Pros are what everybody speaks so highly of because of their build quality, battery duration, OS stability and most importantly their low latency without the need for an external soundcard.

Have Windows 7 laptops and / or laptops in general improved over the years to perform better for audio applications like Cubase? What would happen if you tried to save a project on your MacBook and open it again on your PC and vice versa? (Also, are track presets and MIDI loop presets, etc compatible between PC and Mac?)

Finally there is obviously the option to run Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro, but I’m not sure this will bring along extra hassle with regards to drivers, compatibility and of course most importantly the way Cubase will perform on this.

Any thought, ideas or advice is most welcome!

I have never had a mac but I respect them . What I would say is Win 7 is rock stable. One thing to bear in mind if you surf viruses for windows have become so much more sophisticated nad prevelent. Most virus scanners only pick up some. Maybe Unbuntu for surfing?