Windows 7 not to setup??

I don’t have wireless on my Windows 7 workstation therefore the option to connect to another PC and create an ad-hoc network is not available. I do have a FIOS router for my wireless needs. How does one set up their network to use the Cubase IC Pro app with their iPad if their computer doesn’t have wireless? I want to purchase but only when I know this will work with my setup.

mmm… if my computer is connected to a wireless router with Lan cable, cubase iC pro won’t control it ?
(unfortunately when i activate WiFi in my computer with Steinberg MR816 soundcard its stutters )
i didn’t buy Cubase ic pro yet… need to know if it work with my router setup as described !

PC hard wired --> wireless/wired router <-- iPad wireless to router

That should work. That’s how I use OSC. My PC is RJ45 to a 100mb switch. My tablet is Wireless to the router that is connected to that switch.

Hi again,

I was sure there was something I didn’t get in your first post. Sorry about that!

If your workstation is hard linked to a router it is then possible to use Cubase iC Pro.
It will exactly work as JMCecil said above.


The way the router works is kind of like this … simplified so not 100% accurate.


Router Outward facing IP address provided by FIOS (
Plus DNS addresses to find stuff on the intertubes

Router Inward facing (

Your devices (or other default configs)

The router will let any of the internal devices talk to each other without going out. (i.e. if the device is in the list, it knows it doesn’t have to send traffic out to the world). But, if a device tries to find something that isn’t in the local device list, the gateway address will pass it up to the outward facing part of the router and send the request on.

Since your iPad and PC are inside the routers local address list, they should easily find each other and sync up.