Windows 7 officially supported

I bought Halion 6, installed and works great on Win 7 !!! :smiley:

Excellent! - please let us know when the official site under resources is update to reflect Win7 :

AND when the trial version is ready … looking forward to it very soon I hope :

Respect for listening to the users.

Thank you!

Thanks to Steinberg for their timely response to us Windows 7 users! Most of us have either stuck with or returned to this OS because of the horrendous experiences that went down during the Win 10 debacle. Microsoft has yet to explain why a perfectly good desktop which worked just fine under Win 7 could cause so many unexpected Blue Screens of Death with Win 10, and even more after the “anniversary update”.
Fortunately for us, MS has decided to continue support for Win 7 until 2020. Good. And when the day comes that Microsoft pulls the plug, I’ll yank the Internet cable out of this machine, buy some off-the-shelf piece of crap for anything that needs to be done online, and move forward. :smiley:

Good to know as i have a love-hate relation ship with windows 10, especially regarding RME stuff using USB and stuttering audio at times. Still thinking of reinstalling Windows 7 64 bit, since firewire does not work that well on W10. Never used 8, or 8.1, only on a laptop BTW