Windows 7 Pro or Home edition?

Which version does Steiny suggest I get for Cubase 6?

I use Pro but I’m sure Home should be ok. See if you can find a feature comparison chart for each and work out your needs. Also google “W7 Home or Pro” plus “DAW” or similar and see what comes up.
I’m not Steiny though.

Home is quite sufficient.

Ok guys thanks so much!

Yeah i’m on Home its all going good and without a hitch. I have actually been told that as it has less processes to run it therefore actually handles things like Cubase better. Could be completely wrong but I was told that. :slight_smile:

Home works fine here

goddfodder said

therefore actually handles things like Cubase better

I believe that’s correct. It was certainly true in previous Windows O/Ss - “Pro” versions providing extra networking and security etc. options that aren’t necessary for a DAW. Windows7 still has one issue which can affect audio streaming and that is core parking, which can produce (apparently) micro-glitches, or very faint clicks when W7 turns cores on or off. It’s not documented AFAIK and not controllable from Windows. It’s a registry fix. :frowning: