windows 7 ram question!

I know that W7 pro 64 bit can address 192G ram but are indervidual programs restricted?

I have been told the limit is 6G per program, is this true??

if so does that allow cubase to allocate 6G to each virtual instrument or only 6G to C6 as a whole regardless of how many virtual instruments are used!


32bit applications are limited to 4Gb RAM (in practice more like 3.2GB). 64bit applications can use whatever you have installed (taking into account that Windows will need some).

Virtual instruments use the RAM allocated to Cubase, not RAM outside of the application.


thanks for you reply!

I am taking about W7 pro 64bit and C6 64 bit only…

so… will W7 allocate a set amout of ram to C6 regardless of the vst instruments I use inside C6?

…or will it allow me to use all the ram avail (I have 16G in my case) if I am using alot of sample heavy vst instruments…


^ Any running program can keep on allocating (and releasing) memory as it pleases, so Cubase can allocate nearly all of your 16GB if needed (a little bit is needed for Windows itself, of course).

Some related info for those who are interested: Memory Limits for Windows Releases