Windows 7, SP1 Problems

I have encountered several blue screen failures with Nuendo 5 since installing Win7 SP1, in conjunction with live sessions using an RME Fireface 800 and a Lenovo T61 laptop. These failures occur on startup of Nuendo. I’ve been using Win 7, Nuendo 4/5 and this hardware setup for about 2 years now, and it has been very robust. The fault code does not seem to be recognized by Microsoft. I’m searching for answers.

I have identified at least one problem. SP1 apparently changed the power saving features in the laptop, allowing the processor speed to adapt, and the screen to black out after about 30 minutes. Recording seems to continue when the screen blacks, but the monitored mix sound stutters if you press any key (or roll the mouse) to restore the screen, and you get a skip in the recorded sound.

The solution is to reset the power saving features. It’s OK to let the screen dim, but screen blanking should be changed to “never” in both battery and line modes. The layout of the power saving options has changed.

Obviously, you don’t want the laptop to “hibernate” either. What’s the point of saving the battery if you lose a recording? The options and settings for hibernation do not appear to have changed with SP1.