Windows 7 SP1

Have any of you fellow Cubase 6 users (apart from me) been brave enough to install it yet?

Yes, no problems.

What I read on ZDNet gave me no motivation. As best I understood there was almost no significant improvments … and none I could see for a music DAW. It appeared to be a bundling of all the updates and security fixes already release.

Someone please correct me if I’m uninformed.


Yes, I have. No problem until now. Hope it stays that way.
One thing I have noticed on the other hand that the CPU usage is much higher in CUbase 6 as it was in Cubase 5.5.
It really is giving me problems with 4-5 plugins although I have a greater latency rate.
I use Windows 7 64 bit and 8 GB Ram
How is your experience on this matter (sorry, a little bit out of topic)

No correction needed - the Service Pack 1 is indeed just a collection of all the updates / fixes already published via Windows Update, therefore it should be perfectly save to install it.

Not quite, it is a collection of all fixes, plus about 80mb of new fixes, the complete SP1 package is nearly 800 meg for one platform or 1.9 gb for all platforms after all, if your computer has been auto-updating regularly only the new fixes will be downloaded.

one new fix in SP1 made a huge change for me and that is the power save state bug fix, the computer did regularly crash after the second to 4th sleep period but that no longer happens.

I ‘only’ use Cubase 5 Essential but W7 SP1 hasn’t given me any trouble so far.