Windows 7, ugly fonts in menus

Posted this in “General” first but it belongs here. Seems a few people have this problem:

Getting some very nasty looking font in the menus on C10. 9.5 is fine.

Could it be because I’m on Windows 7 and C10 has a different default font that’s only on Windows 10?

On Windows 7 here,

My fonts look normal/no difference. Make sure you are not running a unsupported theme, pretty sure I’m just running Aero theme customized a little bit. Also check windows for updates.

I think you performed a bad install? I had the same problem because I clicked on the wrong downloaded file within the download. DO NOT click on the ‘Cubase 10’ icon in the download file. This is what causes the lettering glitch. Instead, click on the ‘Setup’ icon. And yes, I run Win7 64.

Thanks - reverting to the Aero theme solved it! Weird as this theme (totally forgot I had a different theme) worked with every Cubase version from 5 to 9.5 without any problems.

same here, blurry fonts in menus only. Win 7, Cubase 10.0.15., whereas in Cubase 9.5 everthing’s looking good.
standard Aero theme is already active.