Windows 8.1 and Cubase 7(.5)

Hi all,

Normally, I can figure out stuff by myself, but this time… not so much!

I bought Cubase 7.5 and I’m very, very happy with it! But when I made my first export… it was very, very slow. A 4:47 track, takes 3:38 to export. So I thought it was Cubase 7.5 being slow on me.

Then I started Cubase 7.0.6. and did the same export and it was even slower (3:47 for the same project file). So, Cubase 7.5 is actually faster with the mp3 export than 7.0.6. So that’s great news!

But… it’s still much, much slower then it used to be, so I started thinking: what else did I change?! And I updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1! So maybe it’s that.

Did anybody else notice this? Does anybody know anything that changed from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1? And is there anything I can do, to get my old speeds back? Like… 1,5 minute tops for this same file.

Hope to get some responses!

Note: I only updated to Windows 8.1, because I’ve seen this topic: Compatibility info/updates on Windows 8.1 and OS X 10.9 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I’ve noticed a drop in performance since updating to Win 8.1 and have been wondering the same thing as you!

Okay, I did some testing.

I was wondering if Steinberg maybe changed the (shared?) MP3 codec for Cubase 7 and 7.5. So I tried exporting to Wave instead, with the same samplerate and bitrate as the project. No difference

Then I exported to mp3 again, with all the plugins bypassed. It suddently went from (another project) 1:45 minutes, to 45 seconds… That’s a huge boost in export time!

So… it looks as if Windows 8.1 is actually slower because it uses the processors more? Or maybe… is busy more?


Profire or Babyface drivers got the right drivers for W8.1?

There are no drivers for Profire 610 for Windows 8.1. Just Windows 8.

I don’t think Win 8.1 is the culprit. I have extensively tested and benchmarked the new OS before updating my computers (which were still using Win 7) and only found faster performance in virtually every aspect. And that’s the ONLY reason why I upgraded. I’m not going to use the “modern UI” on my desktops (though I must say I’ve grown fond of it on my new Windows 8.1 tablet.)

It’s probably Cubase 7.5. Maybe they’ll “slim down” the code in a future update.

Then why is Cubase 7.0.6. the same speed now?

The only thing I can think of is Windows 8.1 OR the driver…

I don’t know, maybe there are more variables that you’re not considering, like GPU drivers or other kind of software.

In response to Buchanan, I have Babyface, but it resides on my laptop, which still uses Win 7, so I’m not going to test it with 8.1. (And I’m not going to upgrade that machine to 8.1 because HP’s custom diagnostic software is incompatible and it’s actually pretty good.)

But I’ve had no problems with my UFX under Win 8.1 and didn’t notice any slowdowns. It’s basically the same driver, especially considering I always use it on USB (no improved performance on FW.)

Is there a Profire forum? That might be the problem. The Profire might run just not as well. My Roland needed the 8.1 driver to work at all. But you might find an 8.1 driver is in the pipe.
It’s just the most likely explanation from my view so far.

It’s been a while, but after a fresh install of Windows 8 on a new computer, I have the same experience. Slow exports.

Anybody else?!

I renewed chipset and gpu driver when jumping to 8.1 - no performane problems here. Audio export in less then 1 minute.

Check your plugins, sometimes plugins have the option to choose different oversampling rates for off line exports. If you’re set to do say a 4x oversampling on export then it will tax your machine quite hard if it’s say and algorithmic reverb, and consequently will be a slow render.


p.s working with 8.1 and Cubase 7.5 here