Windows 8.1 compatibility?

Windows 8.1 has been out a few weeks now (and was on beta for months!) so come on Steinberg - does or doesn’t it work with Steinberg products? What’s the verdict? What are the common issues?

Sticky, top of forum. :confused:

Which says relatively little other than “we’ll keep you posted”

I’ve not had any issues that I didn’t encounter in 8.

I see now I’ve read it properly. This is clearly not going to be an overnight thing.

I have extensively tested 8.1 with Cubase 7 and found absolutely no problems. I’ve updated all my machines. While there is no perceptible increase in DAW performance, overall the new OS feels snappier in file and desktop/windows operations.

Some glitches when double-clicking the title bar but I am still in the process of automatic maintenance, which can take some time.