Windows 8.1 minimum or not for C11?

This is puzzling, the minimum system requirement for C11 is apparently Windows 8.1 which I’m gladly running on my machine.
However, whilst trying to install the C11 it stops telling me that my system does not meet minimum requirements.

Is this a matter for the Customer Service or am I missing something?

Seems that Cubase 11 mandatory needs Win10 x64
Chech here under System Requirements

fair enough, guess I took it for granted.
Not sure what to do with this now, I like my Win8 :confused:

Still though, the installer message is confusing
Thanks Bernard

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Windows 8.1 had end of support two years ago (January 2018)
Running unpatched systems means that your computer becomes a host for malware that targets other systems on the internet.
E g, it might not be a problem for you (until and unless you get ransom-wared) but you’re creating a risk for everyone else!

good info, it’s easy to become lazy when everything goes smoothly, until… computers, ey
Looks like this update will be more expensive then planned :unamused: :laughing:

Last I checked you could still use your win7 or win8.1 key, to activate win10.
Unless you use a special key, like a enterprise key. Worth a try.

If you can install cubase 11 on another win10 system you can then copy the cubase 11 program folder to your win8 computer. Will most likely work 100%. but of course at your own risk.

Peakae, your suggestion works. I can confirm windows can still be upgraded from 7 to 10 using the previous windows key for free.