Windows 8.1

Hi all,

Just a couple of things I experienced upgrading to Windows 8.1.

At first I couldn’t start Cubase because as there was an issue with the e-licenser, but this was fine once I opened e-licenser software and logged in so it could perform its maintenance tasks. I did the same with my i-Lok so I could run those plug-ins that require it.

Other than that, it all went without a hitch -I think…

Same here…W8.1 without problems!

good to know. I was hesitating to upgrade, but now I think I will go for it.


from the Steinberg News webpage:

October 16, 2013

Windows 8.1 compatibility

As you might know, Windows 8.1 is about to be released. Currently, we are testing all Steinberg products for Windows 8.1 compatibility. The testing is still going on, so we can’t provide you with the final results.

However, what is known so far is that some Steinberg hardware products need to be updated to ensure full compatibility with Windows 8.1. Our development team is already working on driver updates for the affected hardware products in order to make them available as soon as possible. Currently, we recommend you not to upgrade to Windows 8.1 yet and wait for the final testing results.

We will keep you up to date.


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Thanks for that Fabio. even though I don’t have any steinberg hardware, I will probably give it some time before upgrading, just to stay on the safe side… there’s not much of a reason to upgrade as far as I can see anyway…

I had to start eLicenser with Admin-creds (you know, right mouseclick, open file location, rightclick properties, enable running as administrator Always, and stuff) did the maintainance,
and I needed to restart before my MR816csx was working properly
otherwise reinstall your drivers, reboot and test (if not, check “Sounds” in Controlpanel, and select the Yamaha Speakers; do this also in Windows Media Player, under options\devices; worked for me too)

You are welcome.

As some of our hardware is affected, the hardware from 3rd party manufacturers could be as well.
In my opinion it is better to stay on the safe side.

Just a heads up to wait for the tests results - I hope it won’t take long.

Cheers and have a nice week-end you all!

[EDIT: Antonis posted while I was writing - thank you for the report, Antonis]

no problem, it’s just for me, I’m a Steinberg and MS enthousiast :smiley: so, I couldn’t just wait and not install Windows 8.1 :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn wish i’d seen this sooner. As the RTM has been around for such a long time i was certain there wouldn’t be any problems so ignored all the advice i give to others and updated.

I now cannot get sound from my current projects!!! New projects work OK but when i open my current projects everything is there but no audio. I’ve trashed prefs to no avail.

this is the same with MR816 and UR824.



which hardware exactly is affected?

I have MR816’s
UR824 and UR22 which of these is OK?

the MR816 and UR824 work perfectly in Reaper so I’m stumped why Cubase is not behaving.

By the way there’s no roll back as this isn’t a service pack it’s a new OS!


dude, did you just read what I wrote just 4 posts ago ? :smiley:

Norbury, Have you tried reassigning the busses to the outputs, save (as new project), close Cubase, reopen?

@Antonis, yes of course, I’ve reinstalled the latest 816 drivers, trashed my prefs etc etc.

I’ve been on this for 4 hours straight now !

Funny thing is ‘some’ projects open and play fine others just open and play with no meter activity.

Changing the outputs usually results in cubase crashing.

I’ve found that even with working projects the hardware panel isn’t available so i’ve a feeling there’s something flakey going on with the extensions.

the only thing different from my working 8.0 was I added my Microsoft account when updating so all my machines would be in sync, i doubt that would make any difference to cubase though.

As i said Reaper works just fine.


Same problem with a fresh install of Nuendo 6.06

Damn, I’ve been using the RTM on my laptop for a long time now and it’s been great, however i use Reaper on my laptop.

Can’t believe Steinberg weren’t ready for this.

Well I know it’s my own fault, but this is the first time something like this has shafted me without a backup! a small windows update has never caused me any problems. I suppose if they’d called it windows 9 then I’d have been more careful.

I shall repeat in capitals



I think you may be lucky. I had Windows 8 on my laptop (I’ve kept 7 on my desktop machine, use the laptop as something of a testbed for Windows 8) and a few weeks ago I loaded the 8.1 preview. All seemed fine; Cubase and my UR824s seemed unpeturbed. Imagine my surprise when I uploaded the 8.1 files yesterday, to find that I’d lost all my programmes. No more CUbsae, Halion, etc. etc. So a day’s worth of reloading for me.

If you’re having problems with Cubase since the 8.1 update, I’d think about reinstalling.


Steve, that was always going to be the case with the trial version, they made that clear you’d have to reinstall all, programs.


Well i went back to the studio after dinner this evening and tried a few permissions things , to no avail .

I then started working through one of my projects chronologically as I save incremental versions as I work.

After an hour or so I hit upon the culprit:


Yes ,once I’d dragged Nebula from my VST plugin folder then my projects opened and played fine.

I did get a freeze however though when opening the mixer window with F3 key on a couple of occasions but I’m going to trash the prefs again tomorrow now I know what the main issue was.

I’ll keep you posted.


RME UFX & HP i7-3770K - Win 8 to 8.1 - All seems good here - load times are faster and the graphics are noticeably snappier.

Same here with the very same hardware.

Good to know :smiley: