Windows 8.1

re-installed Nebula this morning.

All working very nicely now :smiley:


Uff luckily I saw this post, I will wait for the official green light for the UR824 then!

great that you got it working!!
this is the reason I tend to “limit my usage of 3rd party plugs” :smiley: (only Steinberg, Slate and iZotope, and VST3/64bit at that), just to keep the list troubeshootable :smiley:, when Win8 had hit the market prev year, a lot of my synths I had bought the year before were just not usable, for ex Sylenth1 etc…
So that’s why I converted all ongoing projects then, and all my synths are Steinberg (Halion5, Retrologue, Padshop, Dark Planet etc, …) and I don’t regret it!! Much more stable system!

All fine here,

Cubase 7, Halion Sonic 2 & CI 1 controller all running smoothly after 8.1 update!

Jim B