Windows 8 and Cubase 5


Microsoft are allowing you to upgrade to windows 8 for £25. It available until 31st January.
I have a machine with Vista home on it, i7 processor and 9gb of RAM.
Anyway, i’m having problems with Vista. When i tell it to shutdown, it takes about 10 minutes to shutdown.
I’m thinking up upgrading to Windows 8.

Does Cubase 5 work on Windows 8 ok? Does anyone here have Cubase 5 running on Windows 8?
I notice Windows 8 has a metro interface. Can this be switched to a desktop interface easy enough?
What are the implications of me moving to windows 8?
Do i need to re-install all of cubase 5 from scratch?

Vista is a disaster. I’m sure Windows 8 is much better. Even if it takes me a week or so to get use to its interface.

Let me know your thoughts…


I think Cubase 5 works fine in Windows 8, but don’t take my word for it :slight_smile:.
The desktop is not hard to get to in Windows 8.

The easiest way to describe metro is it’s a fullscreen startmenu, where the desktop is accessible through one of the buttons.

I’m not sure you can upgrade Vista to 8 without a reformat, but even if you could I would advise you to format your drive and install windows 8 from scratch, seeing as your vista install isn’t really stable anymore. An automatic upgrade would try to transfer as many settings and files as possible so there is a possibility it won’t even solve your problem.

Thanks, i’ll try that.