Windows 8 crash: Kernel security check failure

in december I bought an official version of cubase 7 Artist. I also have updated it to the 7.5 version. I downloaded no plug-ins or whatever. I also have a new laptop which runs on windows 8. No virusses or whatever on it (really sure of this :mrgreen: ).

About some weeks ago I ran Cubaseā€¦ no problems whatever. Than I wanted to start up my laptop and it started crashing over and over, not knowing it would be because of cubase. We had to reset my whole laptop (also really annoying :cry: ). So again installed Cubase. First time to use it again it crashed and rebooted my laptop the same way it did when it crashed before. Also the screen saying it crashed and needed to reboot stated I should search on the following error: Kernel Security Check Failure.

Anyone having the same problems or knows what I should do? :ugeek: