Windows 8 -- LE 5 Crashing

I was wondering if anybody knows of an incompatibility between LE 5 and Windows 8…

I’ve been running LE 5 on Win 8 since it released back in November, and everything was fine, but all of a sudden, a week ago, Cubase stopped loading. it will run through the “loading files” list, and then crash, but never at the same point.

I’ve tried repairing and reinstalling the application, to no avail.

for hardware, I am using a Tascam 1641, and a Yamaha KX8 controller.
The drivers have not changed since initial install.

I have noticed some weirdness in Samplitude, as well, which indicates it may be a windows issue, but was curious if anyone else is experiencing this.


Brak: I to use a Tascam 1641 and Tascam doesn’t seem to
have drivers for the 1641 that work with Windows 8.
I’m deliberately staying with Windows 7 because of this.
Have you tried emailing Tascam about this. :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Sounds like Windows 8 will run older programs and drivers
from past versions of windows. Hmmmm :astonished:
scroll down

Anyone else know anything about this :question:

Jack :smiley:

As far as the 1641, the x64 Win7 driver (ver. 2.02) works fine, and i have no problem accessing the interface from other applications…

my problem is specifically with Cubase. everything was working fine for months, then all of a sudden it won’t load.

I have noticed, it always fails while “initializing: VST 2.x Plugin”, but never on the same file.

I’ve removed all third party plugins and experience the same issue :cry:

Brak: Have you tried trashing the preference’s :question:

And or email Steinberg at mysteinberg :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: