Windows 8 - Not able to use (Audio > Plug-ins)

Hi there community, I finally made the plunge and purchased Cubase Artist 7 after trying elements…

I am now noticing that I can’t chop and slice a wave form and then select a piece of that wave form to then edit.

Usually it allows me to access plug-ins via audio > plug-ins (just like audio > process works for an individual slice).

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing to no avail and was initially told this was because I was in Cubase 6 AI Elements but now I’m not and this was the reason I purchased Cubase 7.

Any idea what is going wrong here? Has this feature been removed?

Regards, Jay, UpNorthSound.


think thats only a Cubase 7 FULL version feature bro.


It doesn’t mention anything about that on the comparison chart?

Somebody mentioned this from Elements 6 to Cubase 7 but told me buying 7 would give me this feature back?

What version are you using and are you not seeing Edit > Plug-ins either?

Somebody please clarify this for me and put me out of my misery. :smiley:

Not under Edit.

So how do you edit a small portion of a wave in edit mode without this?

Right now I’m having to make a channel just for one effect I want on a vocal at a certain point, then if i want to use a different plug-in for another part of the vocal, another channel.

on Cubase 5 you were able to just select the piece you wanted to edit in edit mode and you would have process and plug-ins to process a plug-in into a slice…


The feature isn’t under the edit menu. Look elsewhere.

Sorry - Audio > Plug-ins ;-/

Could have helped me out there bro I’m at my wits end with sleep deprivation at the minute trying to get my setup sorted…

Did you convert the portion to real copy?

I never had to do this in 5 but err… Convert to real copy under Edit > Functions in either standard or edit mode is not available…

What would the reason be??

Thanks for your input…

Ok so I converted the piece to real time copy, still no plugins in edit mode to edit that slice but the plug-ins all show on my channel through the effects panel?

Please Help ? ;-/

Offline plugin processing is not available in Cubase artist 7. No matter if shared or real or whatever copy.

So basically I need to buy Cubase 7 just to have this feature?

What part of the comparison chart shows the change as I can’t see it?

Thanks for your help…