Windows 8 Variaudio

When using variaudio in C8 we can no longer click and drag segments by increment up and down using the mouse. In other respects Variaudio is fine. We can use the up and down arrow kets to shift segments by semitone and tilt. :unamused:

To work around we now have to quantize the segment and tilt right and left.

Just wondering if this ability to click and drag segments up and down by increments was dropped intentionally or somehow overlooked in the update? Are there plans to reinstall the seemingly simple piece of code in the near future? :question:

Have you try to use CTRL or ALT or SHIFT? I don’t remember well at the moment, but I believe that you can still move the pitch adding one of the button mentioned above to the mouse click.


Wish I could delete this post. :blush:

We inadvertently were pressing the x button on the segments which muted the segments. At the zoom level we were using this is easy to do and renders the sgemnet immovable. Sorry. Thank you for replying.