Windows 8 version??

I wonder why don’t you make IC PRO for Windows 8?
Nowadays almost every laptop already have a touch screen; also more and more people have Windows tablets.
I would love to buy PRO app but just for that I don’t want to spend few hundreds euros on otherwise-unusable iPad :slight_smile:

Even if you don’t have a touch enabled device this app would be very very useful for remote recording!

Martin, Cubase 7 user

Seriously, yes. Apple sells 170 Million iPads in 5 years and everyone trips over themselves to make apps. Windows 8 sells 120 million in just one year and no one seems to care. By mid 2014 there will be more Windows 8 computers out there than iPads. Please make iC/iC pro for Windows 8/RT! If not, at least publish the protocol so I can make my own app!

I just use the windows Remote desktop feature, slight lag but a much fuller “control interface” than what iC Pro offers, Windows phone is another issue obviously

I use all windows devices; phone,tablet and laptop/desktops.

I did bite the bullet though and buy an iPad just for using in the studio as a remote.

I wish they’d sort out the crashing with steinberg hardware though as I’ve not being able to use it for over a year now!!!


Well… thats just not fair, and strange they wont fix it Asap, especially when it crashes with their own Hardware.!!