Windows: alt+letter shortcuts


I have noticed that not all keywords in the menus have underlined letters for quick access with alt+letter.
Is this something that depends on my OS settings (Win 10) or is it so by design in Dorico?

Let me take an example in write mode.

If I do alt+e+l, the filter will open. Now I would like to press a letter for “notes in chords” and then another letter for “top note”, but here I find no letters to press. It would be extra good to be able to do this, as it is not possible to my knowledge to set a shortcut for this particular filter.

If this can be activated on my side, please enlighten me on how to do it! If not, I would suggest this to be implemented.


Far from all the Alt-letter shortcuts are assigned

Ah, thanks SeeWhat, then I know that this has already been brought to attention. Not a windows settings problem then.