Windows and mac at the same time?

Hi, can i install on windows and mac with the same downloaded license?
or i just can use one platform?

Hi , you can install both with one licence

thanx so much||


You can use up to 3 computers. The platform doesn’t matter at all.

thanks a lot.

Doses it matter what type of license you have? Mine is the soft=elicense.

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Yes it does.

  • The Soft-eLicense can be used at one system only.
  • The USB-eLicense could be use at multiple system, but you have to take the USB-eLicenser (hardware dongle) with you and plug it to the computer.
  • The new licensing system, using the Steinberg Activation Manager, is possible to use at up to 3 computers (without any dongle).

Hoy aparece esto en mi mac. Mi versión no es de prueba. Compré la licencia. Qué sucede?

Since this is an English Language forum. If you could please add an English translation to your posts for the benefit of users and search engine results, we would appreciate it.

Google translate does a good job, and only takes a few seconds

Thank you!


Which Cubase version did you buy, please? Did you install the correct Cubase version and edition?