Windows and Steinberg reinstall nightmare

Computer problem forced me to reinstall Cubase Pro on a brand new Win 10 partition (C:). Done that but Cubase won’t ‘see’ my VST Sound folder contents. I have this folder on an external drive in case of this very emergency. All the ‘Steinberg VST Sound Archive’ resources are there. I can see them. All the ‘content’, Groove Agent, Halion, etc, stuff is there (this for instance: ‘FCP_SMT_001_HS_Synths_01’ and all the rest).
But Cubase and the software won’t ‘see’ it! And the Library Manager deson’t see it either even when I point it to the folder.
It seems like a mhuge PITA to have to download and reinstall all this stuff. Can anyone help? Is there a way I can force the VSTs and the Library Manager to ‘see’ this stuff. What a bore to have spend hours donbwloading bthe whole lot again.

Sure. Double-click on any one of the VST sound archive files.

Wow! Seems obvious now. Thanks very much.

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