Windows Audio

I’m curious why Windows drivers (mme/Wasapi) aren’t available in the device setup for Dorico?

Normally I’m using a Fucusrite interface with its own driver, and getting great performance. But I also work on the laptop alone.

I’m getting spotty performance on the two ASIO drivers I see listed (ASIO4ALL and Generic Low Latency ASIO driver) – meaning, they work sometimes, they don’t work sometimes, and ASIO4ALL has frozen the program a few times.

The native Windows drivers are working fine with other software, so just curious if there are any suggestions from Windows users?

The ASIO Generic Low Latency Device (and ASIO4All) do use the native driver. They’re just an adaptor so that the audio engine can address them in the same way as a ‘proper’ native ASIO driver.

When you say that they only work sometimes, can you be more specific? Do they play back but you get glitches or drop-outs? Or do they sometimes not play back at all? Does it not play back if youtube or a media player is running?

Most of the time, I just get no sound at all. A few times I have gotten sound, and then it works fine (no glitches). Also, when it’s working, and I have headphones plugged in, I don’t see the headphones as an option in the device control panel, so can only use the speakers. When it doesn’t work, I look to see that other audio applications aren’t running. I suppose there could be a wayward process in the background or something like that, but nothing I’m aware of.

I haven’t found a pattern. (For example, rebooting, or closing and relaunching Dorico, doesn’t predictably get it working again.)

The Generic Low Latency Driver doesn’t work with Max (neither do the standard Windows drivers), so I use ASIO4ALL with Max when I’m not using my interface.

I looked at Bitwig, which shows a Wasapi driver, which works great. The Low Latency driver throws an error in Bitwig. So there is inconsistency with it from application to application.

Is there anything I can do to try to figure this out? As it is now, I don’t dependably have the use of Dorico with sound with the laptop alone. I guess I’ll just try to see if I can find some pattern, but if you have suggestions what I might look for, that’d be great.

I also use StaffPad, which works great in terms of audio – they don’t even have settings within the program, you just use the windows speaker icon to select output. That’d be the ideal for me. Maybe that works because StaffPad is a “store” app and not a desktop app. Anyway, advice is welcome, and I’ll try to see if there’s a pattern.

When you are in that situation where you don’t get sound, please choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop. Please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ together with a link to this thread…

This sounds like you may be running into the ‘exclusive mode’ problem. Try following the troubleshooting guide from 8’40":