Windows bar title shows Flow title instead of file name

I’ve run across something that is a bit peculiar and am trying to make sense of it. I’ve started a new project by opening an XML file (exported from Sibelius). I’ve save the file by the name of “Holden Evening Prayer”, and changed the name of the Project accordingly. I’ve added a couple extra flows (and am copy/pasting from other XML files for additional movements).

However, even after closing and reopening the file, the title bar of the window and bottom task bar window continues to use the flow title instead of the file name. Why is that? It creates all kinds of confusion when trying to determine which window I’m in for the copy/pasting process. Shouldn’t the Windows title bar show the file name, not the flow name?

Windows 7, BTW.

You can either change the token in your layout or copy the Project Info into your flow.
The way Dorico displays “Flowname in ProjectName” in their screen headers is logical and informative.

Derek, I’m not talking about within the project itself - I understand all of that. I mean the Windows title bar typically shows the name of your file, not the title of something from inside the file (in this case, the Flow title). Look at the photos I posted. The name the file is saved under is NOT the same shown in the Windows title bar, nor the tab in the task bar at the bottom.

dwlarson, have a look at this thread (I asked the same question):

Thanks, k_b. It appears that this is the intended behavior (albeit a bit confusing, as I can only see a few words if several files are open). Not a bug then.