Windows based Consumer Laptop Recommendations

Hello, it seems I might be looking at migrating to a mobile setup. Based on what I am reading, it seems Cubase is optimized to work on Windows better than a Mac OS platform. Just wondering if there are people who are keeping some sort of really well maintained list of consumer laptops and experiences with Cubase on the market that are better for music production. Based on other research about the VSTs I use, it also seems a good idea to go i7 and more RAM (duh!).

So am wondering would a crappy gaming laptop be an ideal choice? By crappy I mean, a laptop targeted for gamers but which does not have the best dedicated graphics card in it but does have a powerful current generation i7 processor and 16GM ram? My understanding is music applications and VST’s don’t take advantage of GPU memory or GPU processing very much – they are designed to take advantage of regular onboard CPU and RAM.

Please let me know if anyone has thoughts.

I’m on a 4th gen i7, 16 GB ram, and going to update. Looking at Intel i7 8750H, 32 GB ram and Thunderbolt, probably Razer Blade or MSI GS65, and with the cheapets possible graphichs adapter. Dunno if this helps you though…

based on my research, i think i will switch to windows as well. i am looking at a Ryzen 7 Pro and 16 GB ram. How many tracks and VSTs do you work with that you need 32gb?

I am looking at the ryzen just because I am not convinced Intel have as much of an edge anymore

I hardly ever work with VSTs, I record and mix mostly audio, and 32 GB is just one of those upgrade things (it’s a really minor cost).
Trying to look att CPU preformance I have ignored Ryzen, but maybe I’ll have to do some more digging into processor land.
One thing is all 8750H gaming laptops use pretty much the same boards and all, and there are a lot of them, which feels like it’s a good idea to follow that trail. There are differences, like early models cant handle 2666 memory speeds and some new models can handle up to 64 GB, but the biggest thing is that I really want Thunderbolt, hoping to upgrade to an AXR4, and that means the cheap ones are out of the picture.