Windows behaviour between projects

Hi!, is there any chance for saving every configuration when I open different sessions? (windows positions, Zoom, ruler, transport etc).
I know that there is something in preferences but it’s clear that its behaviour it at least poor, I found some post about it but It looks that they gave up.
The main problem is for instance, I’m working in a large project (let’s say a featured film) and when I open a song or a cue for this project the transport is in a very different place, the video the same, zoom, windows positions, everything is wrong, perhaps that’s the idea but and I’m wrong but it looks at least a a bug or a not very useful tool.
Any chance to fix it?



You can use Workspaces. In the Preferences > General, you can enable Open Project in Last Used View to Always.

Be aware, Zoom level is not part of Workspaces.