[WINDOWS] Cubase8.exe stays in task manager after quitting

Hey guys,

as said in the title. Did anyone else noticed this ? Most of the time, after a SAVE and QUIT, the Cubase.exe stays in the task manager list, which often leads to instability of the program on reopening.
Only way to fix this is to reboot or to kill the process manually…any idea ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I only have this issue when a browser, usually firefox, crashes… then the exe remains active in task manager and needs a manual shut off prior to relaunch… Does CB8 properly close when you exit? Do you first close the project, then CB8, or all in once?

i have this with 7.5 . never used to. Im fairly certain it has to do with system specific setup, but not sure which settings cause it.

likely a fresh install (os) would fix it.

Yer, I have this with V7.5 particularly on big projects. I attribute it to a plugin problem. I find the exe will eventually stop but it can take many minutes, e.g. 15 mins. Does it hang around even for an empty project? Perhaps you could try to identify a rogue plugin?


Vinnie : yes I do close Cubase properly, this happens randomly…
Gargoyle : I didn’t notice on empty project, I might have to open/close several times but my plugins are legit so I doubt that it come from them (unless some are bugged but I might have to do further testing)

Thanks for your replies guys :slight_smile:

I do mean legit plugins, sometimes they are buggy! I have Waves, UAD plugins, some of the well known commercial VSTi’s as well as some freebie plugins and I’ve never tracked it down to a particular plugin, just generally when I’ve got a big complex project.


Well maybe, but I never had this kind of problems until Cubase Pro 8, and I’m still using pretty much the same plugins since then…7.5 was by far the best and most stable version to me…